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Find the balance between business and private life…

Winning Mentality at the End of the Year

Have you ever asked yourself and your management, how to prepare your party at the end of the year for your team?
Would you like to have fun, motivate each other and learn from one another?

What if you would end your business year with winning mentality so you and your team can start a new year motivated and with common goals?

1-day programme consists of:
  • How and why did you get excellent results this year?
  • The power of praise in your team for more motivation.
  • How to motivate each other and to gain more excellent results and more.

The Master of Time

Programme is symbiosis of the newest and tested skills for personal and professional progress in workplace. We offer your TOP techniques, skills and procedures for better time management.

Would you like more personal development?

You wish for more self-discipline?

More focus and determination when gaining business goals?

1-day programme consists of:
  • Analysis of habits and your time thieves
  • Personal installation protocol
  • Practical advice and tools for efficient usage of time
  • 7 steps to new routine and more …

12 keys for selfdiscipline and explosion of personal development

Programme is a symbiosis of the newest and tested skills for personal development and personal growth. We offer your TOP technics for better personal production at work.

Do you wish more personal growth? More self-discipline?

Would you like to be more focused and gain personal and business goals?

Business Detox®

First registered programme in Slovenia that combines together techniques and skills for PERSONAL, BUSINESS and SPIRITUAL growth.

Is your team under lot of stress but it needs new ideas and inspiration?

Conquer new alternative techniques with which you will relax your body, focus your mind and clean negative thoughts?

1-day programme consists of:
  • DETOX yourself and your team
  • DETOX of your sales/business process
  • DETOX of your activities/actions
  • DETOX of your body, soul and mind and more …
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LOPIS, izobraževanje, prevajanje, svetovanje,
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