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Without clients there is no sale.

Excellent communication with demanding clients

Excellent educational programme that consists of 3 different content: efficient telephone, e-mail and ”face to face” communication with demanding clients.
2-day programme consists of:
  • Power of personal communication and 5 pillars for efficient beginning of the conversation
  • Communication rhetoric
  • The biggest and the most usable secrets of non-verbal communication which you can use in communication and more …

Fair appearance that becomes a magnet for the buyers

Did you know that 70 % of visitors at the fair plans to buy on the fair?
Programme consists of 3 modules:
Programme consists of 3 modules:
  • 1. COACHING: Basic concept for qualitative preparation and excellent implementation of fair appearance.
  • 2. COACHING: The power of personal communication and key factors for successful appearance at the fair
  • 3. COACHING: Preparation after trade – follow up plan – activity map.

How to raise the experience of your clients

Would you like to create priceless experience for your clients
Are you aware that the client is the most important for you?
1-day programme consists of:
  • Pyramid of expectation – from implementing tasks to create priceless moments.
  • How important is a preparation before you meet your clients?
  • How to prepare a commercial checklist and more…
LOPIS, izobraževanje, prevajanje, svetovanje,
Bojan Krajnc s.p.
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LOPIS, izobraževanje, prevajanje, svetovanje,
Bojan Krajnc s.p.
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